Learning Dutch


If I would like to learn Dutch? Absolutely. I’d really love to become integrated in this country and find a decent job. The good thing is I definitely love the challenge!

Nicoleta, Roemeniësquares




Would you love to learn Dutch to find a job more easily or to go on studying further? Would you love to speak Dutch more fluently, in particular to family and friends? Or is your main goal to better communicate with people when you do your shopping or when talking to people at your kids’ school? The good news is that you can achieve all of this.

Choosing our centre for adult education to learn Dutch means you learn the language at your own pace whether that is during the day or in the evenings.
You can opt for our general modules of Dutch or for special ones that focus on a variety of issues such as language help for job seekers, conversation, language internships, language help in case you want do get your driver's license etc.





  • You have reached the age of 15.

  • If you have taken a course of Dutch in the past or if you speak already some Dutch you might start your training at a higher level. Do bring the certificates you acquired in the past in the case you would like to enrol.


  • After finishing each module you receive a so-called ‘deelcertificaat’ which constitutes a part of the fully-fledged certificate that you receive at each module’s end.

  • All certificates are certified by The Flemish Community in accordance with the directives of the European Reference Framework for languages.


Why learning Dutch might be important for you:

  • to find a job in Flanders,

  • to take vocational training or if you wish to become a graduate with third-level education,

  • to boost your career

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If you don’t speak any Dutch

If you have never taken
a course of Dutch before

Go to
Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering

Search your contact points.

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When and for how long?

We are happy to give you the opportunity to take classes at your own pace. Classes are organized once, up to 5 times, a week during the day or in the evenings. You can apply for several courses of Dutch in one school year.
See this page for the times that our courses of Dutch take place.

Entitled to anything?
Our courses of Dutch entitle course participants to the following (when applicable):
  • Vlaams Opleidingsverlof (Flemish training leave): Yes
  • Opleidingscheques (Training vouchers): Yes
  • Kmo-portefeuille (SME portfolio): Yes

More information required? See this website’s category cursisteninfo.

What do you pay?

Level 1

You pay an enrolment fee of € 1,50 per class time with a maximum of €180 for every course you take within this level.
You pay an extra fee for class materials (manuals and/or textbooks).
Some students are entitled to a discount:

Level 2-4

You pay an enrolment fee of € 0,60 per class time.
You also pay an extra fee for class materials (manuals and/or textbooks).
Some students are entitled to a discount:


It is not possible to apply for a course of Dutch online. You are required to do this at one of our centre of adult education’s many sites (inschrijflocaties).

What to bring when applying for a course?

  • your identity card or a document that shows you are a legal resident
  • a debit card, cash money or ‘opleidingscheques’
  • for the levels 1.2 and higher: certificates obtained in previous levels
  • for the level 1.1: the (legal) form that shows the ‘Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering’ has instructed you to take classes of Dutch (the so-called ‘doorverwijsformulier’)

Are you entitled to a discount? Bring these documents:

  • Person integrating? Show your contract or certificate of integration.
  • Living wage? Show your certificate ‘minimum income’ produced by OCMW or a certificate ‘financial aid’ (validity 1 month).
  • Seeking employment? Apply for a 'registration fee reduction' at VDAB.(aanvraag vermindering inschrijvingsgeld)
  • Antwerpen
  • Berchem
  • Beringen
  • Beveren
  • Mechelen
  • Mortsel
  • Sint-Niklaas

If you feel like combining learning Dutch and some vocational training

check out our convenient Xtra vocational trajectories which allow you to take courses of Dutch and vocational training simultaneously.

Combine taking general modules of Dutch with special modules so as to learn Dutch faster.